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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Primary Care?

Comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of most adult and adolescent medical conditions. We utilize physical examination, testing, and diagnostic methods.

What is Medical Nutrition?

It's the specialty that analyzes and applies dietary and nutritional care in the prevention and treatment of disease; it's also used as an effective tool in promoting and improving health.

What is a Nutrition Consultation?

The evaluation of one's nutritional and metabolic health using lab testing, food and supplement analysis, physical examination, and family history.

Do you offer annual health check-ups?

Yes, for people of all ages. It is recommended that an Annual Preventive Exam be done regularly. Most Health Insurance plans will cover this essential service.

How do you combine nutrition with traditional internal medicine in your practice?

By doing an in-depth history and physical examination, food journal analysis, and specific lab testing. We then incorporate a personalized health plan that combines modern medicine with mainstream, scientifically-based medical nutrition therapy.

What kind of patients do you see?

A diverse variety! People with virtually any medical condition with the exception of pediatric, surgical or ob/gyn care. This includes patients with diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, arthritis, obesity, metabolic syndrome, reflux, peptic ulcer disease, low back pain, the common cold, influenza, sore throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, situational stress, insomnia, chronic anemia, male and female sexual dysfunction, hypo-gonadism, chronic fatigue, depression, and many other common illnesses.

What age range are your patients?

We generally see patients from ages 11-65.

Do you speak any other language?

Yes, Dr. Joachim and Karina McLamb both speak Spanish.

Do you have a weight-loss program?

Yes, with many options for medically-supervised, safe, and sensible weight-loss for all ages.

Is your weight-loss program comprehensive - does it include dietary counseling, fitness, and behavior modification components?

Yes it does - in fact, no weight loss program should be considered safe nor successful if these areas are not addressed intensively.  Our programs pride themselves on being comprehensive, medically-based, and with a strong emphasis on lifestyle modification, fitness prescription, and educating the patient for the challenge of maintaining their weight loss - for lifelong success and health.

Can you help me quit smoking? Do you offer smoking cessation programs?

Yes - we actually utilize several approaches with an 80% success rate, 60% higher than the national average for people committed to quitting. 

Do you help patients manage risk factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity?

Yes - with medication, diet, fitness, lifestyle changes, education, and positive reinforcement, all necessary components for improved health.

Do you believe in vitamin, mineral, or food-supplements?

Yes, however, individualized for each patient, as we are all biochemically and metabolically unique. A person's lifestyle, medical history, and diet would determine what supplements make the most sense.

Do you assist athletes with sports nutrition and recover enhancement?

Yes - especially anyone engaged in a fitness program or exercise routine. This enlarging group actually has special nutritional needs that are going unmet, particularly with hydration, mineral replacement, and proper protein-carbohydrate nutrition.

Do you assist with bio-identical hormone replacement for men, women, or both?

Yes, after a comprehensive lab evaluation and medical history.

How can I schedule an appointment or a consultation?

Kindly call our office at: (910) 762-8077 on Monday through Friday.

Do you make house-calls?

Only in extremely special circumstances. In general, Dr. Joachim nor Karina rarely will do this.

Is medical coverage available 24/7?


​Do you provide counseling, coaching, or mentoring?

Yes - especially as a physician and patient advocate, Dr. Joachim and Karina enjoy providing assistance and direction when it comes to life changing or life enabling events that impact one's health.

If I need a referral to a specialist or sub-specialist, can your office assist me?

Yes - as long as you or your family member is an established patient of ours and we are familiar with your medical needs and history. It is our pleasure to assist you in obtaining a specialist's consultation for your particular medical concern or need.

What kinds of payments arrangements are available in your office?

Most major medical insurance, credit/debit cards, personal check, and cash (USD).

What insurances do you accept?

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of N.C., United Health Care, Cigna, Aetna, MedCost, and various other major insurances. The best thing to do is call our Practice Manager, to inquire about your individual insurance questions or concerns.

Do you accept new Medicare or Medicaid patients?

We are currently not accepting new Medicare nor Medicaid patients at this time.

How quickly can I be seen for a consultation or appointment?

Usually within 2-48 hours. We will also happily accommodate urgent appointments for established patients within the hour!